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Bruery Terreux Quadrupel Tonnellerie

Bruery Terreux


Name Bruery Terreux Quadrupel Tonnellerie
Company Bruery Terreux
Style Belgian Quad
ABV 10.2
About Our Tonnellerie series is the perfect showcase of our “wildly traditional bière”. French for “cooperage”, each beer in the series shares one core trait: they were all fermented in oak. Beyond that, the recipes and styles are as unique as the cues they take from nature. Quadrupel Tonnellerie, a sour and funky barrel-fermented Belgian-style quadrupel with blackberries, is no exception. A style known for being at the more malty, complex and rich end of the Belgian strong ale spectrum, this quad revels in layers of dark fruit and figgy flavors, and complimentary undercurrents of oak. The natural esters from the Belgian yeast compliment the rustic, earthy and wild qualities derived from the barrels and nature – plus the piquant flavors from the fruit – for a dynamic flavor profile and mouthfeel that will evolve over time. Food Pairing A chunk of Chimay or compté, dried persimmons, English toffee pudding cake with fresh figs, pavé of duck confit.

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