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Alaskan Brewing 30th Anniversary Perseverance Russian Imperial Stout

Alaskan Brewing Co.


Name Alaskan Brewing 30th Anniversary Perseverance Russian Imperial Stout
Company Alaskan Brewing Co.
Style Perseverance Russian Imperial Stout
IBU 50
About A full bodied beer with a velvety texture and a wide range of intense aromas and flavors. Flavor This complex and malt-forward Imperial Stout is brewed with an array of local ingredients and flavors to add dimension and celebrate Alaska’s history and home. Alaska birch syrup from Kahiltna Birchworks lends a deep, almost tart character to the dark malt profile, while wildflower honey adds a delicate sweetness and floral notes to the aroma and finish. The slight addition of our in-house alder-smoked malt alludes to the distinctive roasted flavor of turn-of-the-century malting practices, without overpowering the more subtle flavors of this dynamic anniversary brew. Ingredients This limited edition Imperial Stout is brewed with glacier-fed water, birch syrup from Kahiltna Birchworks, wildflower honey, brown sugar and an array of different malts, including malted oats and a dash of our world famous alder-smoked malt. Specifications Original Gravity: 1.093 ABV: 9% Bitterness: 50 IBU Color: 140 SRM
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